The Traveling Sisterhood: New Year, New You: My Top Beauty Care Picks for 2016

Monday, February 1

New Year, New You: My Top Beauty Care Picks for 2016

My absolute favorite hair dye I have ever used is Surya Brasil's Henna Cream which puts it at the top of my beauty picks lineup!  I'm not exaggerating when I say if you don't buy any other product I recommend, you must buy this one!  It's very affordable at about $11 on Amazon, depending on what shade you purchase.  I used both Dark Brown and Chocolate, which are very similar.  The color is semi-permanent which means it won't last forever, though mine has lasted so far for about a month.  The best thing about the henna cream, though, is that it makes your hair healthier.  In the last couple of weeks, my friends have been asking me things like "What did you do different with your hair? It looks so healthy and soft."  It's the henna. It's amazing! Plus, if you use a dye and don't like the color, you can immediately cover it with a different color because it doesn't damage your hair at all.  And you don't have to discard the unused dye--you can save it and use it when you need to reapply.  I wanted to included hair pics with this post but I'll have to add those later--I've been under the weather and tired eyes and red noses don't make for pretty pics no matter how gorgeous your hair may be! (And, hey, that's her husband on the box!)

Topganic has been my favorite daily hair product for the last 2 years.  Natural, infused with Brazilian Nut and Keratin, it is so amazing for your hair!  It's only $9 for a gigantic bottle that lasts me a month--which means it would last most people 2 or more.  I have very long, thick, curly hair and use a lot of product on it!

Scientific Organics Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish gives an incredible exfoliating experience and it smells incredible!  It's meant to be used 2-3 times a week and everytime I use it, I think again "I love this stuff!"  It's a bit expensive at $34, the current sale price plus a $10 coupon code you get by signing up for emerginC's e-newsletter, but it is a great product.

For the days you don't use a stronger face wash, Jeffrey James Botanicals "The Wash" is perfect: very gentle and hydrating.  It's also natural, as are all of the product in my Top Beauty Pics lineup.

Now these are amazing! I love face masks and BioRepublic's are top of the line with a variety of types.  I tried the Cucumber Breeze which is a soothing mask (very soothing!) and the Green Tea Detox which is a purifying mask.  I can't wait to try the others!  They aren't cheap at $5 a mask, but they're high quality and only meant to be used once or twice a week.  You can find a variety pack at Amazon and try all 4!
Mad Hippie's Vitamin C Serum is the perfect daily facial moisturizer.  It has a very light scent, almost not there, so it won't bother anyone with scent sensitivities. It contains powerful anti-aging & anti carcinogenic properties and reduces fine lines & wrinkles while it heals and protects skin from UV & free radical damage. It costs $23 (that's $10 off the usual price at and a little goes a long way!

My Complete Lineup of Top Beauty Care Picks for a Gorgeous 2016!


  1. So many natural goodies listed here! The wash would be perfect for busy mommies like me who sometimes don't have much time for getting ready.

  2. very interesting,,never heard of most of these products before

  3. Oh I have not seen these before. The Cucumber Breeze mask sounds wonderful! I have to look for the Topganic Style and Go! That sounds so neat!

  4. I have always wanted to try henna for my hair. I heard that it is healthier and really makes it shine.

  5. Ooh I love this post!! Getting into beauty regimes more and more as I get "older"

  6. Ooh I love this post!! Getting into beauty regimes more and more as I get "older"

  7. I really enjoyed this post as well! I am thrilled to hear about the Surya Brasil's Henna Cream because I'm starting to get some grey, but have been concerned about using the hair dye. I can't wait to try this though! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures of your hair too! Thanks for sharing!!!!