The Traveling Sisterhood: Eatsie Box Blog Review and Giveaway! A Super Delicious Food Subscription Box

Wednesday, November 18

Eatsie Box Blog Review and Giveaway! A Super Delicious Food Subscription Box

Our first Eatsie Box was stuffed full!  This was only the tip of the iceberg.

8 package of a wide variety of snacks and 2 toys--impressive!  When you sign up for Eatsie Box, you actually tell them what types of snacks you prefer and then they send you a selection.  They did awesomely with my box!!  We loved and enjoyed everything! The problem with other food subscription boxes is, I always get those snacks that no one likes and they end up going in the trash. Not so with Eatsie boxes!!

Everyone's favorite thing in the box!, these were so good!  Made by the same company that makes the best gummy bears, these were bigger... and better if that's possible! I've never seen them in the store so they were an exciting surprise.

Hubby grabbed this one and put it in his hiking bag!

It was cool to see some "treats" that weren't actually edible.  My son had fun making this wooden Stegosaurus.

So what could be cuter and more unexpected than German hippo cookies?!  They were crunchy and filled with something that tasted like a mix between honey and peanut butter. Plus they're educational: "Kids, this is what children in Germany have for snacks."  I love when I can make snacktime even a tiny bit educational!

Golden OREOS!  Can never go wrong with OREOs.  It's really cool that some of these snacks can be found in the store, but many others are things we've never found and probably never will which makes them into some kind of seemingly luxury items we savor.  Speaking of luxury items, I just realized I didn't take a pic of the Cadbury Curly Wurly bar--this was amazing!  It was essentially chocolate covered caramel.  Just like every other Cadbury item, it was delicious!

My kids ate these up before I could try them!  Definitely a hit.

Can't go wrong with Charms Premium Lollipops.  However... I had to hide them away.  Only 3 lollipops with 4 kids does not equal contentment so Mommy may have to enjoy these ones.

Anything that says "Blossom in a hard candy" gives off wary signals in my brain.  But these are delicious!  Very nice to enjoy with a good book. Another one of those goodies I keep hidden away in my secret drawer of things I don't share with my children. ;)

A rubber viking duck!  Now that is just super cute.  The dog ran off with this one.  Lucy thinks every rubber duck in the house was hers... But that cool thing is there was something for every single one of our family members in our Eatsie Box, furry family members included!

Special thanks to Eatsie Box for this review and giveaway opportunity!


  1. This box seems awesome thanks for the giveaway!

  2. We would love this! Yum!

  3. This post is making me hungry!

  4. Ooh I love curlywurlys!

  5. OMGoodness...where have I been? I NEED to try those Charms Premium Lollipops.