The Traveling Sisterhood: How to Make Money Blogging: Subscription Box Edition!

Thursday, May 12

How to Make Money Blogging: Subscription Box Edition!

Love With Food Deluxe Box
There are a number of subscription box affiliate companies that will pay you a profit for signing up with your own affiliate links (for example, pay $5 shipping for a free trial box and receive a $25 payment).  After all, once you receive your box, you can review it and bring them new customers and maybe, just maybe, you'll decide to stay subscribed.  
Bramble Box
I tried out each of these boxes, but cancelled all of them but one after the first month. I say this to say that it's super easy to cancel. Just log-in to your account, click "cancel" or e-mail them, and you're done. The one I kept was Beauty Box 5 because it's a great value for your dollar.  Important: be sure and check for any coupon codes before purchasing so that you can make the most profit.  Some of these are free trials where you only pay shipping and you end up making $20. Can't beat that, right?!  Just check for the current promo, make your purchase, and then check ShareASale; your commission will show up immediately.  These are called self-referred sales. They're allowed, even encouraged, unless specifically stated otherwise (generally only in 1st time sale bonus situations).

Of course, you won't get paid until the 20th of the following month (this is the date ShareASale always makes payments) and this can only be done once per company (with the exception of LoveWithFood who will pay you for both a gluten free box trial and an original box trial). Because of that, I use a credit card and pay it off each month when my SAS payment hits my bank account. I suggest the Chase Freedom Cashback card because they pay you a $175 sign-up bonus (no annual fee, which is important) so you can essentially make money off of making money! Following are the 10 subscription boxes I was able make money by purchasing. Note: some of these will only bring a profit if they have a current coupon code. If they don't, just read your affiliate newsletters when they come in--sooner or later, there will be a high end percentage off.

First things first. Sign up with ShareASale. After that, each of these applications only needs a click of the mouse...

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