The Traveling Sisterhood: These Amazing Things Called Dryer Balls... and they only cost $3 for a package!

Friday, May 13

These Amazing Things Called Dryer Balls... and they only cost $3 for a package!

I stuff my dryer pretty full, yes, but I still didn't think it should take almost 2 hours for it to be drying the laundry.  I tried using a line for awhile but it left a lot of our clothes stiff and, to be honest, when it's super hot outside I just don't want to be out there hanging laundry. Well, I had the opportunity to try out some dryer balls from Mighty Nest--they're only $3 and my laundry only takes 60 minutes to be completely dry now as opposed to 100 minutes! They work by keeping your laundry from sticking together b/c your stuff doesn't get dry in the stuck-togethery spots--hence, you need these fuzzy little spheres.  I was pretty amazed the first time I did my laundry with the dryer balls and it actually came out dry the first time around--I ran upstairs to proclaim it to my husband and to go on excitedly, "Do you know how much we're going to save on our electric bill? And they only cost me $3!" I'll really be looking forward to that electric company rebate check the next time they redo our budget billing!

So my dear readers, if you don't yet have wool dryer balls, get them from Mighty Nest for $3 total.  You won't be sorry. Purchasing them does sign you up for their subscription service where they'll send you an item every month to make your house more sustainable and eco-friendly. I will be honest with you--I tried them for another month, didn't think the item they sent was worth $10, and cancelled. It was easy to cancel--I just signed in to my account, hit "cancel", and that was it.  They didn't bill me again.

So try the MightyFix for only $3 with promo code DRYERFIX2016 and get 3 Dryer Balls!

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  1. Wow this is a fantastic deal, I've been eyeing dryer balls for awhile now! Thank you!