The Traveling Sisterhood: The Most Gorgeous, Personalized Gifts at Charmed Collections #GiftsForHer

Wednesday, October 26

The Most Gorgeous, Personalized Gifts at Charmed Collections #GiftsForHer

Charmed Collections sent me what has got to be the most beautiful, creative review package I've ever received in 5 years of blogging. Read on to discover just how gorgeous and amazing they are!
Charmed Collections is a collaboration of three moms who create jewelry keepsakes for all of the special moments in your life--or no occasion at all. Let them create the perfect gift for you and your loved one!

Charmed Collections are handmade sterling silver & gold jewelry with custom designs. I chose the Foundations Mom Necklace. It includes my childen's names as well as two pretty beads. Everytime I wear it, I get so many compliments! It's absolutely gorgeous, beautifully simple, and so special.

Jewelry from Charmed Collections is so wonderful because it's so personal. It will touch the heart of any woman who receives it and it is customizeable from the type of jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet) to the names upon the piece, and even the beads can be hand selected by you. The customer service and thoughtfulness I received stood out more than any other company's has in the past!
Use the code TSISTERHOOD for free shipping in the US through November 2nd.
Compass/Hope/Stackable Rings/I Can Do Hard Things/Family Tree/Forever in My Heart


  1. They're shiny and charming

  2. I love how professionally made they look! Thanks for the discount code!

  3. I have never heard of Charmed Collections before. They have cute jewelry.