The Traveling Sisterhood: The Most Groovy Christmas Gift for Kids!

Wednesday, October 26

The Most Groovy Christmas Gift for Kids!

Our first Groovy Lab in a Box was definitely nothing short of groovy!!  Inside this snazzy box, we found enough cool stuff to make at least 4 different kinds of rockets. In many ways, STEAM has been our theme this year. Our 3 favorite rockets are shown in this post.  Today was a beautiful autumn day for rocket launching and since it's that time of year again, this is the first item of this year's Holiday Gift Guide series! Ladies and gents, put your hands together for... Groovy Lab in a Box!

We started with the foam rocket because it sounded exceptionally awesome! And it was.  My son followed the directions and built this awesome rocket out of some of the supplies in the box.
Off it goes, and mom was too slow to catch the rocket in  motion! As you can see by his expression, it went an impressive distance... and as I could see from his expression, this let's-take-school-outside-for-Science-class idea is a hit! I love products that can help me break up the monotony of the daily drivel... especially when there's zero preparation involved! Groovy Lab did it all for me!
Off the rocket goes from another angle! This time it hit the side of the house. Groovy dude!
Next up, Alka-Seltzer rockets!

This guy was hot glued and ready to blast off! There was enough Alka-Seltzer in our kit to get the parachute pretty high.  Once, the lid hit the roof of the porch and made everyone go, "Whoa! That was cool!" We want to try again with a bigger bottle and more Alka-Seltzer!

Next up, Balloon RocketWe let it go and it flew super fast across the backyard--the perfect culmination for a day of STEAMy fun!

Groovy Lab in a Box is the perfect gift for kids 8+ because it's not just a toy they're going to get tired of after 1 day. It's an opportunity to focus their imaginations, determination, and inquisitive nature using the "Engineering Design Process" that's a part of every box. My kids loved it, and so will yours! I've got to admit, by writing this review I've convinced myself that I need to purchase them some more of these boxes!
You can get a Groovy Lab in a Box for as low as $18/box with this $10 off coupon! You can choose your box in a theme: Shake It Up, the earthquake box; Fly with Me, the aaeronautics box; or Stitch a Circuit, the technology box. You can also purchase a discounted gift subscription for 1, 6, or 12 months.


  1. Thank you for all these great gift suggestions, keep em coming!!

  2. Tamalyn L.1:15 PM

    What a great idea - my boys would love this. Thanks for the idea!