The Traveling Sisterhood: WellyChef Turkey Recipe, the Best and Fastest RAW Dehydated Dog Food Lucy Loves!

Monday, October 10

WellyChef Turkey Recipe, the Best and Fastest RAW Dehydated Dog Food Lucy Loves!

What's making Lucy smile up at me so happily? Read on to find out!
In the pic above, she had just finished eating a meal of WellyChef Turkey Recipe! She seemed to love me even more after that first delectable bowl. She wanted more... but I told her she'd have to wait 'til dinnertime! WellyChef is a raw deyhydrated dog food. It's fast (unlike some that your pooch has to wait 30 minutes to eat!), simple to make, grain free, all natural with added vitamins and minerals, and made in the US of A.
First, you simple scoop 1/4-1 cup of dehydrated food into your dogs bowl. Lucy is small, so she only needs 1/4 cup each feeding.

Then you stir in the same amount of warm water. You can see the real, granulated veggies and fruits in the bowl as you add the water. These granules are specifically sized so your pooch can fully digest their nutritional goodness and not have these very expensive premium ingredients pass through your dog and just end up in the back yard! All the WellyChef recipes are made from premium human grade natural whole foods that deliver great nutrition for your pooch.

A few minutes later, you serve to your pooch. My sweet girl gobbled it right up! There have been some dehydrated raw foods that she simply wouldn't eat--but not so with this one! It would appear she likes the added goodies in her bowl like the chia seeds, lentils, kale, kelp, pumpkin, and even blueberries!

All gone! Lucy loved it! And I'm so relieved I've found a yummy, healthy, raw food for her! I especially love the dehydrated raw as opposed to the frozen as this is so much easier to store, travel with, and prepare.

Yep, Lucy loves it! Nose lickin' good!

Use the special code LUCY25 to receive 25% off all products in the WellyChef online store through June 30, 2017! You can buy the boxes of WellyChef in either Beef or Turkey recipe, in 2 lb, 4, or 10 lb boxes. 

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at WellyTails for providing us with this product to review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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