The Traveling Sisterhood: Free Gift Wrapping and Free Shipping on "Across the Ocean" This Week!

Tuesday, December 6

Free Gift Wrapping and Free Shipping on "Across the Ocean" This Week!

Now is the perfect time to gift my book to the princess in your life. This week and next, you'll receive  an autographed paperback copy, free shipping, and free gift wrapping for a total of $5.94. Simply use the codes GIVEJOY or WELCOME16.

 "I was late to a meeting because I couldn't stop reading your book. I had to see how it ended especially after the surprise twist in chapter 16!"

"My daughter is writing a fairy tale because you inspired her. You are the best author she's ever read and she has a love for fairytales now... she hated them before. Her words!"

"Excellent fairy tale! Loved it! Beautifully written."

"You have another Father, Penelope. He is the King. You are a Princess, His daughter. You will find Him... across the ocean." 

After hearing these words, newly-orphaned Penelope suddenly finds herself set upon a quest that even the fairy tales she grew up on could not have prepared her vivid imagination for. A magnificent ship upon a vast ocean, a charming prince who spins timeless legends, an ancient scroll hidden within a secret room--all begin to weave together a mysterious tapestry as Penelope is thrust into her new life as a kitchen maid in an ancient castle. As she slowly falls in love with a handsome prince who cannot marry her because of the law of all fairy tales, she wonders if finding her true inheritance will be enough. 

Find it at Educents here. Remember, don't forget to use the code GIVEJOY or WELCOME16! And if you need anything else, remember you save 15% on your entire purchase with free shipping!


  1. The description of your book kind of reminds me of "The Chronicles Of Narnia". I would love to read this and share it with my kids. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

    1. It is very much inspired by Narnia! It makes me happy that you would say that.

  2. I didn't know you were a published author - how cool!

  3. Wow! This would make a great Christmas present for my niece!