The Traveling Sisterhood: October 2014

Wednesday, October 29

For A Jolly Holiday, Try PomTree's Mess-Free Fun! #Giveaway

Ah, the holidays -- tinsel and tape and cookies and crafts. There's always something to do and always a mess to clean up. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a mess-free activity for kids to make and play? Say hello to PomTree, makers of adorable craft kits that afford hours of creative fun without a drop of glue, tape or mess! Yes Virginia, miracles do happen!

There are 5 different kits: Felt Puppy & Bone Pillow Puff, Mommy & Baby Owl Pom Pals, Mommy and Baby Bird Kit, Kitty and Fish Pillow Puff, and a Pom Jewelry Kit.  What's really awesome is that there's no glue involved: PomTree is "stuck on fun" because everything has a sticky backing that kids as young as 3 can unpeel and then stick. Best of all? Nothing to clean up when play is done!  This mama loves that!  Not that I don't also love to make a mess sometimes.  ;)  You can purchase these kits at Consumer Crafts at really great prices!

They turned out so cute and my daughters had a blast making them!

One of my readers will receive their choice of item featured here! (U.S. only)  Enter below by Nov. 10th at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.

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What PomTree item will you choose if you win?

Special thanks to the wonderful people at PomTree and KidStuff PR for providing us with this review and giveaway opportunity!

Wednesday, October 22

Caramel Apple Pie! A Swiss Colony Holiday Dessert Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

I have always loved purchasing Christmas gifts from The Swiss Colony.  Their cheese and sausages are so delicious, but their desserts!!!  Their desserts are amazing! 

This year, my family and I tried their Caramel Apple Pie.  The pie is deep-dish, opped with streusel and walnuts, and loaded with cinnamon, apple and caramel.  We dolloped whipped cream on top and it tasted like Autumn.  So delicious!  The pie also came with The Swiss Colony's spreadable cheddar cheese which was a delightful surprise.  My only regret is that we ate everything too quickly to get a chance to take our own pics!

In the past, we've also tried many of their other desserts: their delicate Petits Fours, rich Fruit Cake, delicious Tortes and so much more!  Everyone in my family loved every piece of every single item we tried.  The Torte cakes were our favorites until we tried the Apple Pie.  Absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend The Swiss Colony if you're looking for the perfect gift to send to a loved one in another state!

One of my readers will win the Swiss Colony Caramel Apple Pie! Enter below by Oct 30th at 11 pm anyone's time.  We'll choose a winner the next morning via along with all of the other winners in our Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza! 

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I received this item free of charge from The Swiss Colony.  No monetary compensation was received or offered, nor was I under any obligation to write about this product.  All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts.  I am not offering any sales or taking orders for this item.  I will not receive any compensation in connection with any sales of this item.

Wednesday, October 15

Rainbow Bands: So Much Trendy Fun from Rainbow Braids! #Giveaway

It amazes me that my daughters will spend hours using their rainbow bands to make not only jewelry, but these adorable little animals!  A couple of months ago, we received the Rainbow Braid 7200 count Mega Refill Kit and it seems to be an endless supply.  If you've got daughters in elementary school, you must know what these are... and if you don't, ask her!  The kit would make a wonderful Christmas gift which is why it's one of the top items on our Gift Guide. 
The Rainbow Braid Mega Kit comes in 24 different colors (300 bands of each), the bands are both solids and glitters, colorful beads to add to necklaces or bracelets, and 500 plastic s-clips for hooking the jewelry.  It's a great deal at $22.90 with free shipping and, like I said, it's already proven to be hours of entertainment for my 3 daughters.  They've learned so much about patience, following directions, and fine motor skills by using these.  We also purchased a loom, but the loom isn't necessary.  There are tons of Youtube vids that show you how to use them, but my daughters learned from a friend.  They get together with their besties and have fun making creations together.  It's so fun! 

The Rainbow Braids Mega Kit from Amazon!

About 1/3 of the Rainbow Braids from our kit.  We keep them in a craft tote.  Perfect!

One of my readers will receive 1,800 Rainbow Braid Bands in 6 different colors!  Enter below by October 23rd at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Home Lifestyle Products for providing us with this product to review!

Monday, October 13

A KidOFit Super Cool Shoes Review and #Giveaway

While browsing for new shoes for my active little guy, I came across KidOFit.  These shoes are so comfortable with a barefoot feel.  They're flexible, promote natural motion, give your kiddo's feet and toes so much room to breathe, yet they're very durable.  Plus, they look really cool!  They hold up well for every day play at the park and all over the place.  They range from infant sizes to a little kids' size 12.  Here, my little guy is wearing the Blue Maui in a size 11.  I was especially impressed with the customized fit.  The shoes come with 2 different in-soles to give your kiddo the absolute perfect fit.  Pretty awesome! 

One of my readers will win a pair of KidOFit shoes in your choice of style!  Choose 2 styles just in case  one isn't available.  Enter below by 10/22 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning using  Best of luck!

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Which 2 KidOFit styles do you like best?
Special thanks to the wonderful people at KidOFit for providing us with these shoes to review and giveaway.

Thursday, October 9

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Call for Submissions

We are Now Taking Submissions for Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s that time again! Are You Interested in getting your product in front of my thousands of blog readers? Our Holiday Gift Guide is just what you need! We can showcase your products and get the word out there about how much they would make a fabulous gift for the Holidays like nobodies business!
If you would like to have your product, service, or event included, please email Please use the subject line “Holiday Gift Guide Submission” and include your company name and product you want featured in your pitch!
Due to the number of inquiries we typically receive for a holiday gift guide, please allow us 2-3 days to respond to your pitch. If you don’t hear from me in 2-3 days feel free to email again because I most likely did not get your email!

A Product must be received for review in order to showcase why it would make a great gift idea. I only recommend products I have tried myself.  All products, services, and events included in the guide will begin being published October 10th, 2014, and publishing will continue until December 23rd, 2014. The earlier your products are received, the more promotion they will receive!
Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you for the Christmas season!

Tuesday, October 7

Beautify your Fridge--or your Locker--with LockerLookz! #Giveaway

I've been redecorating my home.  For the kitchen, I opted for a purple and green theme.  I like plants and I love purple, and LockerLookz worked perfectly in my redecorating scheme.  Isn't my fridge lovely?  I went for the Purple Damask look.  The flowers, white board, pencil holder, and photo frames are all magnetic and took about a minute to totally revamp the look in my kitchen and pull it all together. 

Of course, LockerLookz were created with kids' lockers (or moms' gym lockers) in mind... but this works, too!  They come in a wide variety of styles and colors so there's really a theme for anyone's taste.

In middle school, students happily discover they shouldn't judge a book by its cover, it’s all about the individual on the inside that counts! The same can now be said for their metal school locker. Thanks to the ingenious offerings of LockerLookz, high fashion is what’s hot for the holidays, and at a stocking-stuffer price, it’s hard to go wrong. As tween girls trudge back to school after the holiday break, they’ll adore re-decorating their locker with the latest LockerLookz offerings to add some pizazz to the rest of their school year. The tough part will be deciding between the jeweled lamp or the damask wallpaper for that ideal look! All of it is totally gorgeous and totally affordable. 

One reader will receive $50 of LockerLookz products to style your fridge, your gym locker, or your kiddo's locker.  Enter below by October 16th at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.

What's style will you go with if you win?
You can find LockerLookz on

Special thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuffPR and LockerLookz for this review and giveaway opportunity!

Monday, October 6

Madame Madeline Lashes! Faux but so pretty... and only $3!

Madame Madeline sent me some gorgeous lashes to blog about.  They really bring out my eyes and I absolutely love them!  These prices are so great considering that I have a friend who pays exorbitant amounts of money to get her lashes done at the salon but mine last just as long for $3! 

In these first 2 pics I'm wearing the Kiss i-envy EZ lashes, which cost $3.08 a pair (less with the coupon below). These cost $3.99 at the store I usually shop so this is a great price! 

In the bottom pic, I'm wearing the Ardell Corset Lashes so called because of their unique criss-cross style similar to corset lacing.  These ones are full lashes for a bit more dramatic look.  These ones are the same price as the Kiss I-envies, but they usually retail for $6.99. 

To be completely honest, I like both of these lashes equally--it's hard to choose a favorite.  The Ardell lashes are a bit more fancy but both are easy to apply, they look natural enough for everyday wear, both provide fullness, length, and width to your natural lashes, and both are reusable numerous times.  I get compliments on my eyes when I wear either of them.

For 11% off your entire order, use the code MUA11.  Let me know if you decide to try them!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Madame Madeline for providing me with these lashes to review!

Friday, October 3

Bella Mari Cosmetics Review and Samples: Beauty 100% Naturally

Sometimes a product comes around that absolutely amazes you and you think "This is something I'm going to do my best to never live without."  I've been looking for a natural liquid foundation that I really love, and nothing I've tried compares to this!  In the pic below, I'm wearing Bella Mari's light honey moisturizing foundation. No photo touch-ups or anything like that.  Just perfect lighting and perfect makeup.  ;)  You need only a very thin amount of the foundation for full coverage, and I use a light dusting of mineral powder on top.  This makeup makes me feel prettier than anything I've ever used before.  I get so many compliments lately!  I was surprised it only costs $24 because it's amazing stuff, and it will probably last me a year.  It's a hundred times better than that stuff the beautician tried to sell me at Ulta and it's half the price!  My mom also uses it , also, and she looks 10 years younger (I know I totally sound like a commercial but I'm being sincere--I can actually tell if she's wearing it or not by how young she looks when she is).  

I've also been using their organic skin rejuvenator, conditioning rinse, and spf 30 tinted lotion in ivory.  I really like the spf lotion for those days at the pool, and I use the skin rejuvenator every night before bed.  The conditioner didn't work for me--my hair is very tangly, thick, and curly so I have to use a thick conditioner.  This one smells amazing and worked as a shampoo but not as a conditioner for me.  I'd recommend it for thinner or straight hair, though.  I especially love how everything smells--a mix of oils like orange, bergamot, olive, and rose.  Even the foundation is that way.  Everything is also 100% natural.  I wish I could make my blog scratch 'n sniff so that you could try these scents! 

I really wish I could give you all sample of the foundation, especially, b/c I know you'd fall in love like my mom and I have.  You can actually order a sample for $1--these sample sizes lasted me about a week and they were perfect for deciding which color was perfect for my skin tone. My readers can also save 15% off a minimum $25 order with the code sister15 (free s/h if order is over $50 after discounts).  Expires Dec. 31, 2014.

Let me know if you decide to try them out and what you think! 

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Nature Brands for providing me with this review opportunity!