The Traveling Sisterhood: March 2016

Thursday, March 31

$30 Gift Credit for Home Chef! Incredible Food Delivered

This year, I have been experimenting with a wide variety of "meals delivered".  Home Chef is one of my top favorites because their food is amazing, they have a wide selection of new items weekly, and their promo to try it is great!  At $30 off, you end up paying $29 or less for your first delivery!  After that, it's easy to earn referral credit via friends and family, or to skip a week, or cancel all together--it just takes a click of a mouse.  Plus, their customer service is excellent! Very kind and helpful.  Above is one of the meals I'll be receiving April 8 -- Crispy Pan-Fried Penne Pasta with arrabiata sauce and Caesar salad!

These meals are said to include 2 servings. However, those are 2 servings for people with very hearty appetites! I see them to be more in the ballpark of 4 servings.  Another item on my menu for next week is this one -- Spaghetti Carbonara Frittata with applewood smoked bacon and arugula salad.

When you sign up, Home Chef will automatically select 3 meals they think you'll like. However, you can easily select others with a click of the mouse.  They have 11 menu items currently, plus some delicious add-ons.  This is the final meal in my delivery -- Beef-and-Sherry "Steak Diane" with cremini and Dijon cream sauce, whipped potatoes, and asparagus.
Here are the current add-ons.  The green checkmark means I've ordered it.  Those Almond Joy Smoothies look amazing--I can't wait to try them!
Head over to Home Chef for your $30 credit. You'll only be paying $29 for dinner for your family for 3 nights!

Wednesday, March 30

Updated January 2017: The Top 50 ShareASale Companies Every Blogger Should Be Working With

Update: Today I received my first payment from SAS! Check out the screenprint below. So exciting!

After months of figuring out ShareASale and browsing 2,000 of their companies (no joke! it can be overwhelming), I've narrowed the list down to the top 50.  Fifty is a very manageable number, especially with ShareASale's easy to use dashboard (believe me, I belong to 500 so 50 is a breeze!)  These are companies who offer immediate payment for banner placement, free complimentary products, and/or great bonuses. Sign up for each of them. Once you sign up for one of them, every other is simple a couple clicks of the mouse.  Good luck and happy blogging!

  Stella & Dot 
Awesome bonuses and very high commission. 

A super fun company with nice bonuses and free month's service for affiliates when you ask.

They'll pay you to post their banner right away and have a great commission!

 They have great bonuses and will start you off with a free book.

High commission and they'll send you a free sample box.

High commission and they'll pay you to place their banner on your site.

They'll also pay you to place a banner and have nice commissions.

Will send you a high value sample box and are super nice to work with! Plus a high commission.

Will send you free books and are so nice with good bonuses.

Will send bloggers free samples and are very nice to work with, offering gorgeous banners and delicious products! 

Great bonuses and incentives. 

More nice bonuses!

Bramble Box Props
Offers affiliates a free month's box and nice commissions.

Lil  Passports
Another fun subscription box company that will provide you with free boxes. 

A huge commission of $20 per sale and will provide affiliates with a free box of hair color. This stuff is amazing! 

One of the best puppy subscription boxes and will provide affiliates with a free box when you request one. 

Homegrown Collective
An amazing subscription box company which will provide affiliates with a free month and beautiful banners. 

Free trial for affiliates and an awesome company! Easy to make money with them as they pay you simply when someone signs up for a free trial.

 And more!
Important Note-If there is a ♥, it means the company will pay you to write blog posts. If there is a *, it means the company will also send you free product if you ask. +means they offer a banner bonus. Very important!--you must wait to receive the offer from them before you post or add the banner.  These usually come in their approval or welcome e-mail, or in their weekly digest.

Newly Added

Cell Savers+
Publisher Toolkit
Easy Closets+  

Added March 2016 

Tip: I recommend that you send a short e-mail to any SAS company that approves you, asking for product to review. When they send it, include your affiliate link in your review.  For samples of e-mails to send to these companies, check out my post "How to Start Your Own Product Review Blog".